Nov 16, 2010


Tomorrow is the big day... I'M GETTING BRACES.. Gaaaah! This is a first for Chelsey Langston. so i decided to get some advice on what foods to hoard up on before the train tracks are placed.. Here is what I'm eating for dinner tonight..

Chips and Salsa
A BIG fat Sandwich with sticky insides
(these are the things I'll miss eating most! (with confidence anyway)

Tomorrow night might be a different story..
I've planned for...

Creamy tomato soup

and that's about it.

There are some perks to having this special type of braces..
#1 I'll only have them on for 6 months.
#2 Instead of metal, they are tooth colored

I would totally upload some awesome pics for ya to see. but blogger photo uploader isn't working properly.. I'll have an update tomorrow.. Stay tuned!