Dec 9, 2011

Card Swapping

This year I've been a part of something amazing that I thoroughly enjoy. Its called a Card-Swap. 12 of us ladies meet every month and bring 12 identical handmade cards to the table so we each get one card from everyone. Get it. Its like, make 12, get 12.. I've built up quite the collection and need a bigger box to hold them all. Or heck, maybe I should start writing stuff on them and send em out! Here's a few of my favorites. I've made a few of these and the rest are from my talented friends Enjoy..

Normally I don't put cards in my Christmas tree, but it was a better background than my carpet.

Dec 8, 2011

1 Year

Jord and I decided when we got engaged that we would celebrate a REAL Honeymoon on our first year aniversary, by hitting up a cruise-liner or Hawaii or South Africa.. Well that didnt really happen. His little sister Jeanette was to be married on that exact date, plans cancelled.... I was a little disappointed at first because the last thing I wanted to do on my anniversary was to go to a wedding. My husband quickly changed my attitude. I remembered advice our Bishop gave us before we were married. Stating that the best way to celebrate one's aniversary, is at the Temple, being reminded of all the covenants we had made together as a couple. As well as celebrate our success every year and reflect on our ever-growing love.  Turns out my Jordy is a VERY sneaky and romantic guy. After we hit the wedding scene we got home around 10pm, and to be honest I was a little bummed out with the days events. Until I opened the door to our wonderful apartment. I found this.....

2 dozen roses, lots of lit candles, a million rose petals, and a long list of memories.. I couldnt belive my eyes, (mostly because they were full to the brim with tears). My sweet husband had managed to pull this off (with a little help ) while we spent the day in salt lake at the wedding.  

On the long string with pictures and note cards were Jordans favorite memories.

My husband is the sweetest. As I was thinking about this today, I started looking at pictures from our wedding. I'd like to share a few. Hope you dont mind.

- Chultz

Mar 26, 2011

Knee Surgery #2

While playing soccer on his mission, Jordan hurt his knee which resulted in the need for surgery.  Jordan went to the finest surgery center that Johannesburg has to offer and got his right knee scoped by Dr. Hadjichristofis.
Jordan had to stay in the apartment for a whole week with his new companion, Elder Pugsley. The two amazing missionaries learned to crochet and they began making beanies in preparation of the upcoming winter.  After a couple days, Jordan got really bored and was going crazy.

Thankfully, the week came to pass and the knee held up very nicely for the rest of the lanky elder's mission.

Sadly, Jordan recently started having problems with his other knee. While walking around school and work, Jordan would complain of his left knee "catching" and making it difficult to walk pain free. After seeing the doctor in Orem, an appointment for surgery was arranged at the Central Utah Surgical Clinic on March 23, 2011.

After waiting for an hour, the nurse took Jordan back and dressed him up and shaved his leg.  He seemed to be in good spirits before the surgery.

The doctor was finally ready and took him back to the surgery room. After about 45 minutes, they wheeled back a bandaged up, knocked out Jordan to his recovery room.  That was when the fun began!
Jordan woke up freezing and in pain. He was convulsing out of control and moaning in agonizing pain. The nurse put nearly 14 blankets on his body, including some on his head to keep him warm.
Once the pain meds kicked in and the blankets were warming him up, Jordan began worrying about something else. He hadn't eaten for quite awhile and, like always, had food on his mind.

Jordan is now home and living on Lortab to get him by each day. The doctor said Jordan has to stay off his left leg for 6 weeks so Jordan and Jacob went out to buy a wheelchair.  Of course Jake needed to try it out to make sure it was safe for Jordan.
Looks like it's safe enough for wheelies! It must be safe enough for Jordan and his swollen knees.

I hope Jordan doesn't go too crazy not working for 6 weeks! As long as he doesn't take me with him, I'll be fine! :)
Get well soon, Jordan!

Nov 16, 2010


Tomorrow is the big day... I'M GETTING BRACES.. Gaaaah! This is a first for Chelsey Langston. so i decided to get some advice on what foods to hoard up on before the train tracks are placed.. Here is what I'm eating for dinner tonight..

Chips and Salsa
A BIG fat Sandwich with sticky insides
(these are the things I'll miss eating most! (with confidence anyway)

Tomorrow night might be a different story..
I've planned for...

Creamy tomato soup

and that's about it.

There are some perks to having this special type of braces..
#1 I'll only have them on for 6 months.
#2 Instead of metal, they are tooth colored

I would totally upload some awesome pics for ya to see. but blogger photo uploader isn't working properly.. I'll have an update tomorrow.. Stay tuned!

Sep 21, 2010

Fishy Business

Our landlord/upstairs neighbors, like to cook fish. Last week it smelled up our whole apartment! I'm not a fan of fishy foods, or fishy smells. I ate a tuna-fish sandwich for the first time this year, and that was kinda pushing the comfort limits. The reason I bring this up, is... I'm looking for some advice here ladies.. I've tried this...

And the very popular..

It smelled GREAT for a few hours, then the scent died off..

So I went and tried the real deal, Old Fashion candles. The scent is amazing, but not strong at all. Its Ginger Peach from Pier-1.
Where do I go from here? I need a strong,delicious smelling candle to rid the fish smell from the house. I've heard about Gold Canyon candles, and Salt City.. Any advice would be GREAT!!!!

Love you all, Chels

Sep 20, 2010


So we've got this fish, named Neil. We knew he was special from the moment we picked up his plastic cup. So beautiful and blue! I just adored him. Jord bought him for us, along with a spiffy tank, pebbles and a cute sign that said "NO FISHING".. (super cute, right!)

I fell in love as we strolled around the store buying soap and toilet paper. I couldn't wait to get Neil home and into his new tank!! We hit the check out and the checker-outer literally dropped the ceramic sign into the plastic bag, of course it hit the bottom and shattered.. Boo. We drove home. The second Neil was in his tank he started doing back flips (now that he had the room to wiggle around). We fed him some pellets and he gobbled all 6 of them down, I thought he was starved and I had half a mind to call the Fish department at wal mart and be upset for starving my poor little fish. Then I noticed Neil was throwing-up. Great, we bought a bulimic fish. Not a good sign, After a few days he relaxed and the spit-up-fits stopped. We've had him for about a month now and I'm a little concerned. He spends a lot of time "Playing Dead" He stops wiggling his gills and just lays on the bottom of the pebbles. Is he sleeping or trying to kill himself? Last night he displayed a new trick. He swims to the top of the bowl and then power slams his head right into the pebbles! The pebbles are all out of order now, and I'm pretty sure he has permanent brain damage. And I think this guy might be having an effect on Neils Behavior...

Sep 8, 2010

Payson Lakes

Most people see Labor Day as a great holiday and an opportunity to get away and relax with the family. This year Jord and I looked at it from a different perspective. Instead of fighting to get the weekend off of work and hang out with the families; we bucked up, and went in for a full shift. Working a holiday might sound dreadful; but for Time and a half, its not that bad :)

On Tuesday we got to celebrate the holiday and relax. We went camping up Payson Canyon at Payson Lakes. It was beautiful with all the changing leaves. One perk we defiantly enjoyed was an open (empty) camp ground. We saw one other camper there.You better believe we got the best camp site! It looked a little something like this...
There was a nice shady area, and it wasn't too far from the bathrooms (YES, it had real bathroom, with no doors and everything!). As well as a little 5 min stroll from the beautiful lake.
Jord decided it was time to show off the rock skipping skills. He gave a great step by step tutorial ( Left->Right)

Step one-Place yourself in a rocky area
Step 2- Find a flat-ish looking rock
Step 3- Get a good baseball stance
Step 4- Swing back your arm
Step 5- LET IT FLY, but keep it flat..

Apparently we need to keep practicing because my rock skips look like this...We cooked some delicious dinner
Saw some pretty amazing wildlife.. Including, Wild Turkeys,Bear Warnings, Cows, ducks and a witty dear who walked within 15 feet of our camp site!

After the camping trip, I was telling my uncles that we went camping up there, they kinda laughed and said, "Chels, you know there are around 300 bears up that canyon alone and they've closed that campground several times this season because of Bears wandering around the area.."
Maybe next time we will go camping somewhere else.

Jul 13, 2010

Details are good

My grandma wanted the shed painted before the wedding.. I thought this was a valid request, since she has been so kind and shes letting us use her backyard for the event. I offered to paint the shed..She just forgot to mention what color.

Looks good to me!

Jun 14, 2010

One thing leads to another..

After the official engagement comes...... The Engagement Photo-shoot! Jordan's wonderful sister Camille was so kind to do them for us. Here's a sneak peak of her wonderful photography skills!

We are working on invitations right about now! Keep your eyes peeled for them to show up in that mail box of yours!
Thanks again to Camille and everyone for your support!

Jordy and Chultz

May 28, 2010

Here we go!

Chelsey and I are officially engaged now and so we decided to start a blog for the two of us, together. I drew the shortest straw and have to write the first post without any of Chelsey's help.  All she said was, "tell the story!" I think "the story" is the story that is starting all of this, so I'll write "the story".

Chelsey and I both celebrated our birthdays earlier this year, but to celebrate them together, we decided to go on a trip down to St. George to do some outdoors adventures with her dad, Joe.  She had been planning this trip for a few months.  The time finally came for us to begin our adventure filled weekend.  I had a little twist planned to this weekend that Chelsey had no idea about!!
We pull up to St. George around 5 in the evening and by 9 we were on the mountain with Dustyn & Chris, and Joe & Terra.  Everyone knew about the ring, except Chels.  We had a fun time climbing the sand dunes in the rugged AWD RAZOR and overcoming slippery obstacles.  Finally, we reached a good stopping point at the top of the mountain.  Dustyn came over to give me the hint that "this is the place" by saying, "this is by far the most beautiful part of the ride!" We got out and overlooked the city lights of St. George with the sky mirroring the speckle lighted image.  It truly was "the most beautiful part of the ride."
After talking for a bit with Chelsey, I decided to just do it.  I pulled out the ring and got on one knee and asked her.  She, of course, said yes and began to cry!  It was bad timing for the water works to start because it was windy and sand was going everywhere.  I dont think she cared much about the crusted sand on her face because she was all smiles the rest of the night!

So there you have it! That is "the story".  We will never forget that time and the feelings we felt and the pain in our cheeks from smiling the whole night!  Hopefully the files in our brains get larger as we get older to hold more memories because we're only getting started!