Mar 26, 2011

Knee Surgery #2

While playing soccer on his mission, Jordan hurt his knee which resulted in the need for surgery.  Jordan went to the finest surgery center that Johannesburg has to offer and got his right knee scoped by Dr. Hadjichristofis.
Jordan had to stay in the apartment for a whole week with his new companion, Elder Pugsley. The two amazing missionaries learned to crochet and they began making beanies in preparation of the upcoming winter.  After a couple days, Jordan got really bored and was going crazy.

Thankfully, the week came to pass and the knee held up very nicely for the rest of the lanky elder's mission.

Sadly, Jordan recently started having problems with his other knee. While walking around school and work, Jordan would complain of his left knee "catching" and making it difficult to walk pain free. After seeing the doctor in Orem, an appointment for surgery was arranged at the Central Utah Surgical Clinic on March 23, 2011.

After waiting for an hour, the nurse took Jordan back and dressed him up and shaved his leg.  He seemed to be in good spirits before the surgery.

The doctor was finally ready and took him back to the surgery room. After about 45 minutes, they wheeled back a bandaged up, knocked out Jordan to his recovery room.  That was when the fun began!
Jordan woke up freezing and in pain. He was convulsing out of control and moaning in agonizing pain. The nurse put nearly 14 blankets on his body, including some on his head to keep him warm.
Once the pain meds kicked in and the blankets were warming him up, Jordan began worrying about something else. He hadn't eaten for quite awhile and, like always, had food on his mind.

Jordan is now home and living on Lortab to get him by each day. The doctor said Jordan has to stay off his left leg for 6 weeks so Jordan and Jacob went out to buy a wheelchair.  Of course Jake needed to try it out to make sure it was safe for Jordan.
Looks like it's safe enough for wheelies! It must be safe enough for Jordan and his swollen knees.

I hope Jordan doesn't go too crazy not working for 6 weeks! As long as he doesn't take me with him, I'll be fine! :)
Get well soon, Jordan!

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