Dec 8, 2011

1 Year

Jord and I decided when we got engaged that we would celebrate a REAL Honeymoon on our first year aniversary, by hitting up a cruise-liner or Hawaii or South Africa.. Well that didnt really happen. His little sister Jeanette was to be married on that exact date, plans cancelled.... I was a little disappointed at first because the last thing I wanted to do on my anniversary was to go to a wedding. My husband quickly changed my attitude. I remembered advice our Bishop gave us before we were married. Stating that the best way to celebrate one's aniversary, is at the Temple, being reminded of all the covenants we had made together as a couple. As well as celebrate our success every year and reflect on our ever-growing love.  Turns out my Jordy is a VERY sneaky and romantic guy. After we hit the wedding scene we got home around 10pm, and to be honest I was a little bummed out with the days events. Until I opened the door to our wonderful apartment. I found this.....

2 dozen roses, lots of lit candles, a million rose petals, and a long list of memories.. I couldnt belive my eyes, (mostly because they were full to the brim with tears). My sweet husband had managed to pull this off (with a little help ) while we spent the day in salt lake at the wedding.  

On the long string with pictures and note cards were Jordans favorite memories.

My husband is the sweetest. As I was thinking about this today, I started looking at pictures from our wedding. I'd like to share a few. Hope you dont mind.

- Chultz

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