May 28, 2010

Here we go!

Chelsey and I are officially engaged now and so we decided to start a blog for the two of us, together. I drew the shortest straw and have to write the first post without any of Chelsey's help.  All she said was, "tell the story!" I think "the story" is the story that is starting all of this, so I'll write "the story".

Chelsey and I both celebrated our birthdays earlier this year, but to celebrate them together, we decided to go on a trip down to St. George to do some outdoors adventures with her dad, Joe.  She had been planning this trip for a few months.  The time finally came for us to begin our adventure filled weekend.  I had a little twist planned to this weekend that Chelsey had no idea about!!
We pull up to St. George around 5 in the evening and by 9 we were on the mountain with Dustyn & Chris, and Joe & Terra.  Everyone knew about the ring, except Chels.  We had a fun time climbing the sand dunes in the rugged AWD RAZOR and overcoming slippery obstacles.  Finally, we reached a good stopping point at the top of the mountain.  Dustyn came over to give me the hint that "this is the place" by saying, "this is by far the most beautiful part of the ride!" We got out and overlooked the city lights of St. George with the sky mirroring the speckle lighted image.  It truly was "the most beautiful part of the ride."
After talking for a bit with Chelsey, I decided to just do it.  I pulled out the ring and got on one knee and asked her.  She, of course, said yes and began to cry!  It was bad timing for the water works to start because it was windy and sand was going everywhere.  I dont think she cared much about the crusted sand on her face because she was all smiles the rest of the night!

So there you have it! That is "the story".  We will never forget that time and the feelings we felt and the pain in our cheeks from smiling the whole night!  Hopefully the files in our brains get larger as we get older to hold more memories because we're only getting started!