Sep 8, 2010

Payson Lakes

Most people see Labor Day as a great holiday and an opportunity to get away and relax with the family. This year Jord and I looked at it from a different perspective. Instead of fighting to get the weekend off of work and hang out with the families; we bucked up, and went in for a full shift. Working a holiday might sound dreadful; but for Time and a half, its not that bad :)

On Tuesday we got to celebrate the holiday and relax. We went camping up Payson Canyon at Payson Lakes. It was beautiful with all the changing leaves. One perk we defiantly enjoyed was an open (empty) camp ground. We saw one other camper there.You better believe we got the best camp site! It looked a little something like this...
There was a nice shady area, and it wasn't too far from the bathrooms (YES, it had real bathroom, with no doors and everything!). As well as a little 5 min stroll from the beautiful lake.
Jord decided it was time to show off the rock skipping skills. He gave a great step by step tutorial ( Left->Right)

Step one-Place yourself in a rocky area
Step 2- Find a flat-ish looking rock
Step 3- Get a good baseball stance
Step 4- Swing back your arm
Step 5- LET IT FLY, but keep it flat..

Apparently we need to keep practicing because my rock skips look like this...We cooked some delicious dinner
Saw some pretty amazing wildlife.. Including, Wild Turkeys,Bear Warnings, Cows, ducks and a witty dear who walked within 15 feet of our camp site!

After the camping trip, I was telling my uncles that we went camping up there, they kinda laughed and said, "Chels, you know there are around 300 bears up that canyon alone and they've closed that campground several times this season because of Bears wandering around the area.."
Maybe next time we will go camping somewhere else.


  1. ha i love it. looks like you had a blast! we should plan a trip together sometime. are you guys ever gonna come to the stg?

  2. hey - check you guys out! You have a new blog. (that needs some updating, I might suggest) :) Next year, I'll have to follow your lead and celebrate the "holiday" the day after. Only I'll probably go to a place withOUT bears :)